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      Mosta Parish Church     
Tiemann 1963

*Photos coming soon*

Mosta Parish Church with its world-famous dome houses the largest mechanical-action organ in the Maltese Islands. This organ was built by Pacifico Inzoli of Crema, Italy in 1884. Mr Buhagiar has been entrusted the restoration of this historic organ which is expected to be ready by December 2006. In the meantime the Mosta Parish Church decided to acquire a replacement organ to provide musical service during the restoration works of the large Inzoli organ. After some considerations it was decided to go for a small second-hand pipe organ.

Mr.Buhagiar came across a ‘positiv’ organ for sale built by German organbuilders Tiemann in 1963. It is a mechanical action organ with 4 stops for a total of 336 pipes, all of which are made of metal (lead-tin alloy). It has a single 56-note keyboard and a 30-note pedalboard which is constantly attached to the keyboard. The lower case houses the blower, bellows and all mechanical transmissions while the upper case houses all the pipe-work. Though the Mosta church is very vast this organ was a good compromise between size and cost, the quality being outstanding.
It has a neo-baroque sound with gentle flutes and a bright mixture but this element is not taken to extremes and hence the sounds blend well without excessive high pitched sounds. It is the first ‘modern’ (post-war) organ with full mechanical transmission as well as the first German ‘positiv’ organ to be installed in the Maltese Islands.
After importing the organ, Robert Buhagiar overhauled it, restoring and regulating where necessary. All the casework has been repainted and a new movable platform has been built to enable the organ to be moved easily in the church according to the particular requirements.
Its main use is liturgical. However it is also suitable for interpretation of certain baroque repertoire and for chamber music. Its significant ‘pianissimo’ to ‘fortissimo’ range make it a versatile instrument for secular and non-secular use.


Gedackt 8'
Rohrflute 4'
Prinzipal 2'
Scharf 3rks
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